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Calendar Submissions

Want to submit an activity to the Wing Calendar? 

Please submit anything you wish to have listed on the Wing calendar for multi-unit participation. 

This includes but is not limited to: 
  • cadet events
  • conferences
  • encampments
  • professional development events
  • SUIs
  • training exercises
  • major community events
  • and other activities you intend to include on the Wing calendar.
Remember, this is just a planning calendar to reserve dates.

Your event is not "confirmed" or "approved" until it has been deconflicted by the admins for the Wing calendar. 

Activities will be listed as "tentative" on the calendar until approved. 

Having trouble? You must have a account to use this system. You may need to sign out of all Google accounts and then try to access again.  

WAWG Activity Calendar Submission