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Wing Publications

  WAWG Supplements & OIs  
Number Date Title OPR  

P420-Jan-20Compliant Officer and Inspection  Documentation Guide IG
P7 19-Jan-18 Preparation of Formal Radio Messages DC
P8 28-May-18 PD Course Directors PD

Other Resources      
  17-Oct Activity Operations Plan Worksheet CC  
  17-Oct WAWG Project Officer CheckList CC  
 21-Jan2021 WAWG Strategic Plan - InitialCC 
  17-Sep CAP Biography Template PA  
  18-Nov PowerPoint Template - Unit PA  
  18-Nov PowerPoint Template - Wing PA  
  18-Apr Wing Organization Chart  DP  
  18-Apr Wing Expanded Staff Organization Chart DP  
    Aerial Photography Resources DO  
  21-JanReports Control/Suspense Calendar        DA 
  20-Aug ES Training & Responsibilities MemoDO 
Communications     ( account required)    
  17-Apr Communications Plan DC  
  17-Apr WAWG Call Sign Summary DC  
  17-Apr WAWG VHF Channel Guide DC  
  17-Apr HF Channel Guide for Micom 2 & 3 DC  
  17-Apr WAWG Communications Resource List DC  
  17-Feb National Net Schedule (160216) DC  
  17-Apr Portable Repeater Job Aid DC  
  17-Jul WAWG HF Net Script (160701) DC  
  17-Jul WAWG VHF Net Script (160701) DC