Opportunities to Serve at Wing Level

Washington Wing Headquarters has several opportunities for members to:

  • Learn and work on a particular staff task in a wing staff section;
  • Try their hand at managing one of the ongoing programs in a staff section;
  • Move up to wing staff in your staff specialty from unit level staff experience;
  • Put your CAP experience or your civilian job experience to work in a wing staff section;
  • Gain staff experience at wing level;
  • Work in an area which is not available at the unit staff level;
  • Serve on a wing committee (Membership, Awards, Promotions, Finance);
  • Serve as a staff member of a wing activity (Encampment, conference, competition).
This may be done in one of several ways:
  • By notifying the Chief of Staff, Lt Col Gregory Gessell, (see the Wing Staff page for his e-mail) that you are interested in helping with wing level programs, projects, or activities;
  • By offering to help do whatever needs to be done in a particular wing staff section;
  • By taking on an additional duty assignment in a wing staff section while remaining a member of your current squadron;
  • By transferring to Wing Headquarters, WA-001 from your current unit.

Help us get to know you.

  • What times are you able to work on CAP?
                Evenings?        Weekends?    Year-around?    Seasonal?    Just during your vacation?
  • Can you attend quarterly Saturday, wing staff meetings?
  • Can you attend some or most weekly staff work nights (Wednesdays)?
  • What sorts of things would you like to work on?
  • What area would like to work in?Do you have any civilian skills or experience to offer to wing staff?
  • Do you want to work at home on your computer and e-mail your work to wing headquarters?

Current openings can be found in the Personnel Section, but don’t be limited by that list.

Every section usually needs help.

Updated 26 May 2016