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Aerospace Education


CAP's Aerospace Education efforts focus on two different audiences: volunteer CAP members and the general public.  The programs ensure that all CAP members (seniors, educators, and cadets) have an appreciation for and knowledge of aerospace issues.  The CAP Aerospace Education program offers over 450 classroom ready projects available electronically for Aerospace Education Officers, classroom & homeschool teachers, and youth organizations.

Internal Aerospace Program

The internal aerospace education program has two parts as well: cadet and senior. Cadets complete aerospace education as one of the requirements to progress through the achievement levels of the cadet program. Senior members have a responsibility to become knowledgeable of aerospace issues and the AE program that CAP provides. Cadet and senior members are further encouraged to share the information obtained with their local communities, schools, and the general public.

External Aerospace Program

CAP's external aerospace programs are conducted through our nation's educational system. Each year CAP sponsors many workshops in states across the nation, reaching hundreds of educators and thereby thousands of young people.  These workshops highlight basic aerospace knowledge and focus on advances in aerospace technology.  CAP's Aerospace Education Members receive more than 450 free aerospace education—STEM classroom-ready materials.

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WAWG Director of
Aerospace Education 
Maj Sylvie Kacmarcik

Assistant Director of 
Aerospace Education 
Lt Col Russel Garlow

Assistant Director of
Aerospace Education

Adviser to Director of 
Aerospace Education 
Maj Carl Lindberg

WAWG Internal Aerospace Education Officer

WAWG External
Education Officer
Lt Col Richard Edgerton 

Eastern Washington
Aerospace Education Officer

Northwestern Washington
Aerospace Education Officer

Southwestern Washington
Aerospace Education Officer

CyberPatriot Coordinator 
Maj Sylvie Kacmarcik

Assistant CyberPatriot Coordinator 

Washington Wing Cyber Education Officer

Northwestern Washington  Cyber Education Officer

Other AE Resources:

Aerospace, STEM, & Cyber Education webpages:

National CAP Aerospace Education news:

  • Civil Air Patrol ADOPT-A-CLASSROOM Program:
    Civil Air Patrol squadrons are joining with 6th grade Aerospace Connections in Education (ACE) classrooms to provide aerospace/STEM support, student mentorship, and an introduction to CAP. 
    Who? Any CAP squadron connecting with any 6th grade classroom teacher from a public or private accredited school, preferably with Title I students.
    Why? To build relationships in the educational community that stimulate
    interest in underrepresented students about aerospace-related STEM
    subjects/careers and awareness of CAP and its youth programs. 
  • New Aerospace and STEM resource from CAP NHQ - AE: STEM Kit Program adds kit-specific lesson plans
    Civil Air Patrol is building lessons to accompany the STEM Kits featured in the program. As staff and volunteers develop these lesson plans, the plans are accessible in the Learning Management area of eServices. So far you can find lessons with AngLegs, Astronomy, Build and Learn Geometry, Code & Go Mouse, Flight Simulator, Hydraulic Engineering, Kano, Quadcopter, Raspberry Pi, RC Airplane, Ready-to-Fly Quadcopter, Renewable Energy, Robotics, Rocketry (pictured, above right), Snaptricity, Sphero/Mini Sphero and Weather Station. To access these plans, go to eServices > Learning Management > AXIS (at the top of the screen) > then choose Aviation, Space or Cyber.
  • K-6 Aerospace Connections in Education (ACE) program registrations reopening on 1 SeptemberThe ACE Program is an aerospace-themed program for educators in grades K-6 who are CAP Aerospace Education Members (AEMs) or Senior Members in CAP who are educators.  This program is designed for schools/teachers to implement during the school day; yet many programs are implemented in informal, structured after-school programs and in other organizations, such as Boy and Girl Scouts, 4-H clubs and other youth groups.  ACE provides engaging and meaningful cross-curricular aerospace-themed lessons that support STEM initiatives and enrich the school curricula.  Additionally, many lessons promote good character and physical fitness, which are components of CAP's Cadet Program.  

  • Aerospace Education Excellence (AEX)Civil Air Patrol offers a popular program free to its members that brings hands-on aviation and space-related activities to cadets, students and senior members. It's called AEX, and the acronym stands for "Aerospace Education Excellence." The requirements: complete six aerospace hands-on activities and one two-hour or longer field experience. Registration is required for each year (Oct. 1 - Sept. 30) you choose to participate. To complete the program, register your lessons and field trip AEX Award Report

  • Teacher Orientation Program (TOP) flight -
    US Air Force renewed funding for Teacher Orientation Program flight (TOP). Reminder that CAP Major General Mark Smith announced an update in the TOP orientation pilot requirements: "This mission is now covered by one of our FAA exemptions allowing private pilots to fly the missions; commercial pilots with a class 2 medical are no longer required. However, we require pilots desiring to fly these missions to be qualified cadet orientation pilots." (8 February 2019 Memorandum).

Notes to CAP Aerospace Education Officers:

In 2018, National AE staff team updated all AE pamphlets and regulations. Please refer to the new publications:

    CAPR 50-1 and CAPP 50-1 revised the deadlines for the Aerospace Education reports.

    AE deadlines: Commanders NEED to approve all submissions in eServices

    • Unit 2020 Aerospace Education Annual Activity Reports (unit 2020 AE AAR) by 30 October 2021
    • Group 2020 Aerospace Education Annual Activity Reports (group 2020 AE AAR) by 30 November 2021
    Non mandatory:
    • Unit 2021 Aerospace Education Plan of Action (unit 2021 AE POA) by 30 November 2021
    • Group 2021 Aerospace Education Plan of Action (group 2021 AE POA) by 31 December 2021
    If you made a mistake, email me as soon as possible. Above and Beyond section should list the AE activities your squadron has done during the year, also including in squadron activities as well as outreach, community events, school visits... 

    Best Practices:

    • Regularly log all your AE activities (in and out of the squadron, AE internal and external) in an online spreadsheet on the squadron's drive to facilitate your end of year reporting as well as prepare for SUI.
    • Record keeping for AEX activities are 1 October to 30 September. AEX award can be obtained once 6 AEX lessons and a 2 hour activity are completed and reported. Please keep a log and file your lessons and activities as soon as you have it finished not to lose information!

      AEX lessons and activity need to be recorded by 30 September to qualify for the award.

    • Don't forget to file your STEM kit evaluations so that you can place a new request.

    AE STEM Kits

    • Check out one of our STEM Kits!
      List updated as of summer 2019

      1. AngLegs
      2. Astronomy
      3. Bee-Bot / Code & Go Mouse
      4. Build & Learn Geometry
      5. Cross Country Navigation
      6. Flight Simulator
      7. Hydraulic Engineering
      8. Kano
      9. Quadcopter
      10. Raspberry Pi
      11. Ready-to-fly Quads
      12. Remote-Controlled Aircraft
      13. Renewable Energy
      14. Robotics
      15. Rocketry
      16. Snaptricity
      17. Sphero Mini / Sphero SPRK+
      18. Weather Station

    Click here to learn more

    AE Membership   

    • Join CAP as an Aerospace Education Member (AEM) and become eligible for free STEM Kits!

    Did you know CAP provides the CAP STEM Kit Program nationwide CAP Unit Aerospace Education Officers and CAP Members who are educators, including AFJROTC Instructors?

    Click here to learn more

    Skagit Composite Squadron's Quad-Copter video

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