Southwest Group CAC

About Group CAC

The SW Group Cadet Advisory Council represents every squadron in the group to advise the group commander on how to improve the cadet program.
meets at least once per quarter, but also work on projects, proposals and in smaller committees between meetings. 
The meetings are usually in-person, at the WAWG Spring and Fall Conferences, and via phone or video conference at other times.

Suggest a Project or Proposal

If you have an idea that you'd like the SW Group Cadet Advisory Council to add to their agenda, either contact your squadron's representative, or send an email to with your research question or proposal.

Interested in Serving on CAC?

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Cadet advisory councils in WA Wing need dedicated cadet leaders to share their expertise and advise their higher-echelon commanders.

New CAC terms begin every year on 1 October, at which time all previous CAC appointments end. 
Applications to serve on CAC are open from 
1 - 31 July every year.
Cadets wishing to keep their existing CAC role must re-apply and be re-appointed each year.

Cadets:                Apply for CAC!

Commanders:     CAC Appointment Process


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