Getting Started: IT Resources for Washington Wing Members

Welcome to the Washington Wing of Civil Air Patrol! 

There are a number of online resources available to you as a member. In an effort streamline collaboration and information flow, we have 
collected some of the Civil Air Patrol web resources that we believe will make your life easier.

The following two-part checklist will walk you through setting up an email account, adding your required signature, subscribing to the Wing email Announcement list, and adding the Wing Activity Calendar to your Google account.


Part 1: Request WAWG.CAP.GOV email account, 
configure email, add Wing activity calendar, join Wing email list


Part 2: Bookmark and familiarize yourself with unit, wing, region and national websites 

Other Google Tools and Support

Learn how to use the features in your WAWG.CAP.GOV account.

See all the services available to you with your WAWG.CAP.GOV account.

Programs to integrate your WAWG.CAP.GOV Apps with your PC.

Use your WAWG.CAP.GOV Account on your mobile device.

Ask questions and solve problems.


Social Media ChannelsUnit, Wing and Region Webpages
National Webpages
Jessica Jerwa,
Feb 13, 2018, 6:25 PM