Web Conference

August 2015 - Introducing WAWG Web Conference Solution by Google+ Hangouts. Members with WAWG account can utilize this platform as applicable to support missions of Civil Air Patrol. This platform can be used for scheduled meeting with large groups or ad hoc between members.  The host for each meeting are encouraged to practice setting up and using this service prior to the actual meeting.  

  1. WAWG account (signup here, request reset password here)
  2. High speed internet access
  3. Computer with microphone and speaker
  4. Webcam (if video is desired)
  • Chat (Instant Messaging)
  • Screen share (everyone see the same screen - suitable for PowerPoint presentation)
  • Youtube (everyone see the same video and playlist)
  • Client supported: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS
Accessing a WAWG Scheduled Meeting:
  1. Go to the Wing website http://www.wawg.cap.gov
  2. Locate a meeting on the Wing Calendar
  3. Click on the meeting title
  4. Click more details
  5. Click on join meeting (very important that anyone that wants to use this logs in with their WAWG email address)
  6. Mute your microphone (if applicable)
  7. Turn off your webcam (if applicable)
  8. Click join in the Google+ Hangouts
Ad Hoc Video Call:
  1. Go to the Wing IT page http://www.wawg.cap.gov/wing-staff/information-technology
  2. Click Video Calls under WAWG Google Apps Links section or click here.
  3. Enter a Hangout Name follow by Enter
  4. Click Invite people
  5. Add WAWG email address
  6. Click Invite