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Plans and Programs

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Plans and Programs Officer 
1st Lt Victoria Wonser

Asst. Plans and Programs Officer

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Welcome to the Plans and Programs page!

See system update info below.

How this works:

  • Submit the required forms via the Submit Activity Request button on this page.

  • Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation email for your records (with detailed information related to your request). Keep this email!

  • You will also see a confirmation screen to confirm the entry. 

  • Submitters can visit the Activity Status page at any time to view the current status of the request.

  • Submitters can visit the AAR Status page to view which activities have items pending due.

  • Upon receipt by the Plans and Programs Officer, each activity will be reviewed by appropriate Wing Directorates, including Safety and Legal (for every activity), and other departments, as necessary.

Review the following on the Publications page before getting started: 
  • Pamphlet 1 (under review)

We want your feedback!


Version 3.1 - AAR & Sign-In Sheet status page

        We have made an update based on your feedback!

  • Problem: Submitters need a way to identify which activities still have AARs and Sign-Ins needing to be submitted. 

  • Inefficiency: Previously, submitters had to email the XP staff, who would in turn have to create a report and email it to the Submitter. 

  • Solution: Submitters can now access the √ AARs and Sign-Ins page to view this information at any time.