Northwest Group Squadron Leadership School (SLS)

0800-1630 October 24th, 0800-1430 October 25th 2015


Squadron Leadership School is a CAP Level II requirement. It provides CAP adult members with a basic understanding of CAP operations at the squadron level and how those operations affect CAP's national missions. Additionally, members learn more about CAP customs, core values, and communications. Case studies, discussion, and group assignments are integral facets of the SLS.

Event Location:

Bellingham Composite Squadron Headquarters, 3928 Williamson Way, Bellingham WA 98226 near the Bellingham International Airport.,+Bellingham,+WA+98226/@48.78695,-122.53091,691m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x5485a33143e261b5:0xef76affda7e7375?hl=en


Seniors only,(Cadets may not attend this training)

Completed Level 1 by course date and be enrolled in a specialty track.

Course Fee

NONE! Students will be responsible to bring their own copy of the student guide, and pay for own meals and refreshments. A down load link and instructions provided upon registration.


USAF Style Blue Uniform, CAP Aviator shirt, or Corporate Utility Uniform (Polo shirt). No BDUs, or Flight Duty Uniforms. If wearing USAF Style must meet USAF Grooming and Weight Standards.

Application Procedure:

Send a CAPF 17 Application for Senior Members Activities, to your unit commander for approval, He forwards it to wing, at  and the course E-signatures are accepted. You will be notified by e-mail that your application has been received, and that you are registered for the course. Registration deadline is Oct 17th.


Members are responsible for their own transportation.  Pick up at BLI is possible if you’re flying in


Local lodging is available, specific details will be provided on request.


Light refreshments at class site (donation) and a Subway catered box lunch ($7-$9) each day.


Direct any questions to the course director, Lt Col Tim Kelley at If you wish to be an instructor, email to volunteer!

Come visit beautiful Bellingham in the fall and get you SLS done!



How to fill out your CAPF 17 for NW Group SLS


Block 1 Squadron Leadership School

Block 2  Bellingham WA

Block 3 24 - 25 Oct 2015

Block 4 Answer “yes” or “no”

Block 5 - 11 Self Explanatory

Block 12- 13 Check your eservices for this information or ask your unit professional development officer See back of form for more info

Block 14 Dates not required, just your current primary duty in your unit

Block 15 If you have a CAP Aeronautical Rating, please list i.e. Pilot, Observer, Aircrew member…

Block 16 Check your eservices for this information or ask your unit professional development officer see back of form for more info

Blocks 17-20 NOT REQUIRED, Optional

Block 21 See reverse of form, activity is classroom only. It Is optional to list medications. 

Block 22 NOT REQUIRED, Optional

Block 23 Sign and date, Esignature is authorized ///SIGNED/// and send to your unit commander via email

Block 24 Unit commander marks approval block and may Esign ///SIGNED/// and email to and a copy to Remarks are not required.

Blocks 25 and 26 NOT USED. 

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Aug 18, 2015, 2:38 PM