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Some of you have been asking for this. This template/guideline was designed by a Washington Wing Cadet PAO, in cooperation with the Wing Protocol Officer. Download guidance here. A Google Sites template is here.

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The Role of the Public Affairs Officer
Public Affairs (PA) is a powerful leadership and unit-building tool at the commander’s disposal. At present, the professional development courses leading up to a command position include practically no information on PA. Yet, this staff position is so important that it cannot remain vacant – this means that if no Public Affairs Officer (PAO) is assigned, those duties are the commander’s responsibility. (CAPR 190-1, 3c)

Successful use of PA normally results in better member retention, morale, and esprit-de-corps. Recruiting, community and media relations, also, are dependent on good PA work.

At any level of command, the PAO is responsible for “telling the CAP story” and maximizing publicity for the unit and its activities. In all PA work, the emphasis needs to be on unit members, their CAP activities (especially those on behalf of the community), and the resulting benefit to the community, the state and the nation. 

  • Why's the PAO Important?
  • Using Your PAO for Maximum Impact
  • Selecting the Right PAO 
  • PAOs Function to Support the Commander
  • References
    • CAPR 20-1 – Organization of the Civil Air Patrol
    • CAPR 190-1 - Civil Air Patrol Public Affairs Program


Capt Jessica J. Jerwa
Washington Wing
Civil Air Patrol
Director of Public Affairs

Meet your PA Staff!

Please feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions for this page! We're here to help!

Capt Jessica J. Jerwa
Director of Public Affairs
(C) 206.999.4808

Lt Col Jeffrey A. Lustick
Deputy Director of Public Affairs

2d Lt Deborah A. Johnson
Assistant Public Affairs Officer

1st Lt Victoria Wonser
Assistant Public Affairs Officer

C/Col Zachary Lam
Assistant Public Affairs Officer

C/MSgt Tara Wonser
Cadet Assistant PAO(Intern)

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SM Joshua DeWinter
Washington Evergreen
Managing Editor

C/Capt Tyler Bennet
Washington Evergreen
Technical Advisor