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PA and Crisis Plans Due / End of Year Wrap-up!

posted Apr 18, 2016, 3:18 PM by Jessica Jerwa   [ updated Apr 18, 2016, 3:24 PM ]
This was previously distributed on 07-Jan-2015.

Annual Reports Due 15 January

This is a friendly reminder that you have a couple of reports due to my office by the 15th of January (each year) (See the "Reports Control Calendar" on the Wing Administration page: 

The reports in question are:

1.   Crisis Communications Plan; and 
2    Public Affairs Plan

If you just broke into a cold sweat because you have no idea what I'm talking about, you still have about a week left, and I would be happy to send you an example to work from so you can complete your own. Once completed, please submit them to

Media Communications for 2015 needed by 20 January

The second item on my list today is with regard to Wing's 2015 Strategic Plan. Specifically, it is looking to answer whether the units established contact with the local media in 2015. At your earliest convenience, would you please provide me with a list of events for which you made contact with the media? It would also be useful for you to provide weblinks that resulted from the contacts, should you have them. Finally, I'm always interested in adding your actual contacts to my master list in the event my office is able to support your unit for an activity. 

Facebook Naming Standardization

I want to thank each and every one of you for the work you've done over the past year! Recently, my participation in the National Social Media Working Group led me into a discussion with our National Social Media and Marketing Manager, Lt Col Paul Cianciolo, where it was requested that Washington help to lead the way on Facebook naming standardization. With your help, Washington Wing is now the first (or one of the first, I'll have to check on this) in the nation to have 100% of units named with NHQ's recommended standard on Facebook. The addition of ', Civil Air Patrol" at the end of your unit name not only makes your page geographically searchable when a potential member simply types "Civil Air Patrol" into Facebook, but now that we are all named similarly, we all look like we are a part of the larger organization. This is where NHQ's want for branding standards meets with real-world practicality for us at the local level. Even our Activity pages have undergone a bit of a name-change. For example, "Cascade Falcon Basic Encampment" is now "Cascade Falcon Basic Encampment, Washington Wing Civil Air Patrol." While the name IS horrendously long, the page is now returned in search results for "Washington Wing" or "Civil Air Patrol" or "Washington Civil Air Patrol" etc. Since these changes have taken place, I've seen a huge increase in page likes for everyone. It is speculative to say what the exact cause may be, but I'm hopeful that it is due to better searchability.


Recently I threw together a paid ad on the Wing page with an audience that was statewide. I've done this in the past at the unit level, but I was elated to find it seemed far more successful at the Wing level. Over the 5 days (12/31 to 1/4) that the ad was active, I noticed that a handful of your units received inquiries through Facebook for potential new members. Naturally, I'm curious to know how these individuals came to find you, so please feel free to give me feedback if you find out the ad generated interest for you. Here are some stats on the ad, which you can find here:


'CAP Public Affairs' Group

As you know, the worlds of public affairs and social media are ever swiftly changing and hard to keep up with. For Civil Air Patrol, we're operating under regulations that were not written recently enough to fully support our needs or answer our questions. For this reason, I strongly encourage you to join the CAP Public Affairs group on Facebook. You'll be joined by other CAP members (everyone from cadets to our new Region PAO to our NHQ counterparts and leadership). This is where the real work gets done, and a place where your questions and comments today will influence the regulations that guide us tomorrow. They REALLY do want to hear from us. It is a closed group (so we can keep our conversations "private"), so after you request membership, I'll be happy to approve it. 

Jump in! 

Keep up the great work in 2016!

1st Lt Jessica Jerwa, CAP
Washington Wing Director of Public Affairs