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Public Affairs


  • Media Database (required for Technician rating)

PAOs need keep a database of media contacts. For those PAOs just starting out, here is a great website to get you started:

From here, you should be able to look up the media resources near you.

This is not a "complete" list, so use Google too!

Besides tracking the URL for the contact’s website, it is helpful to make note of the related URL for any community “events calendars.” This is FREE advertising for you (see Publicity for Weekly Meetings).

  • Public Affairs Plan (due 15 January)

The NHQ/PA office has provided this Four Step Planning Process in Public Affairs document for your use.

A template is being revised for WAWG use, is may be available upon email request.

  • Publicity for Weekly Meetings

Suggestion: Work with your Unit Recruiter (if you have one) to complete this task! Once you’ve created a database with the relevant contacts, submit all open house, recruitment event, and weekly meeting info to any papers within a logical radius of your Unit! Most newspapers have an online calendar that allows you to create recurring meetings, and you can often set them out for a year or more in advance, too!  
  • Make creating these entries a part of year-end tasks!


  • Social Media How-To Guide, CAPP 152

The Official How-To Guide for CAP Units was published 4-Jan-2016.

  • The Standards of Conduct as Applied to Personal Social Media Use

Relevant standards for Civil Air Patrol members to adopt. Read here

  • Facebook Event Co-Hosting

If you are hosting an activity that can be advertised to multiple squadrons, please let us know! The WAWG/PAO has the ability to "co-host" your Facebook event, revealing it to another squadron or activity's page. For instance, the Olympic Air Show Event is hosted by WAWG since it is a Wing activity. Since all squadrons are invited, all squadrons have been added as a host and can see the Event on their page.

  • Facebook PAO discussion group

"CAP Public Affairs" -- A bunch of PAOs from all over Civil Air Patrol have really great discussions in this Facebook Group: The National Social Media PAO is known to hang out and give advice. Come join us!

  • Facebook Squadron and Activity Pages in WAWG

For a list of all of the squadron and activity pages in Washington Wing, click here:


  • Abbreviations: CAP Grade Abbreviations & AP Style

Every Civil Air Patrol member should read this. Please share!

Which is correct?

A) LtCol
B) Lt.Col.
C) Lt Col 
D) Lt. Col. 

Hint:    It depends on whether it is written for internal or external purposes.
           Did you know we do not use superscript for grades with '1st' '2nd'?

C) Lt Col is correct for Internal CAP correspondence & memos
D) Lt. Col. is correct for use in Public Affairs products, (ie, external published content)

For Facebook, WAWG leans toward using Air Force (CAP) Grades as per the AP Style Guide (see CAP Grade Abbreviations below).

(Note that the appropriate CAP abbreviation for Cadet Senior Airman is C/SrA with a lowercase R). 

Do you know the difference between "rank" and "grade"?

JBLM PAO's Style Guide
This document from the JBLM PAO may help you when attempting to format different military names.

  • Branding / PAO Resources

Branding Master Plan

Brand Resource Guide

CAP Fact Sheet

Graphics and Emblems

NHQ / PA Website

PAO - Commander's Orientation Kit

PAO - Essentials

PAO - How to Guide

PAO - Toolkit

                                • Photography: Portrait vs. Landscape

                                Portrait or Landscape? Does it matter?

                                For video? YES!

                                Think ahead to future uses for your videos (and sometimes photographs)! A vertical (portrait) video with a smartphone may seem like a fine idea at the time, but it will be best viewed ONLY on another smartphone, and you'll be kicking yourself later when you realize it only takes up the center stripe of a computer screen.

                                PSA: Please Turn Your Damn Cellphone Sideways When Recording Video