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 Washington Wing and your Wing Safety Director need your cooperation. Many changes have taken place  in the Safety Program and many more coming in the next few months. Please note the following:

To all Unit Commanders and Safety Officers:

On Line Safety Briefing reporting is now in service on the E-services screen.( We no longer use WMU to record Safety Briefing attendance and participation). Assigned Unit Commanders or Safety Officers must post attendance of ALL members attending their Safety Briefings, including members from other units who attend.  Sign on to E-services. Go to the RIGHT hand column, under "My Favorites" and click on "Safety Management System""

You will then see the "Safety Management Screen which has a series of blocks pertaining to Safety ranging from Education, Logging Attendance, Mishap Reporting " etc.  I recommend that you click on "Overview" in the Left column first, and print a copy of that page for your future info needs.  

Using this as a guide, you can then go to the appropriate module and enter the information required from your next safety briefing.

Cadet Safety Officers:  Washington Wing has for several years now, encouraged units to assign Cadet Safety Officers as assistants, both in the units and at activities.  (WaWg Supp to CAPR 62-1   dated April 2008, Section 2h, paragraph 2.)  This is now required by vote of the CAP National Board on September 5, 2010.

For ALL members

All CAP members must participate in a Monthly Safety Briefing in order to participate in CAP meetings, missions or activities. Members who do not attend and participate in a Monthly Safety Presentation will not be allowed to participate in CAP activities until such time as they have made up a missed briefing  (per CAPR 62-1)  Each CAP member must meet this requirement prior to attending unit meetings, participating in flight or vehicle operations, ES missions, wing-level activities, encampments, National Special Activities, or National Board and NEC Meetings.  This is a monthly requirement which expires at the end of the month following its completion (e.g. a briefing attended or completed on June 14, 2010 will carry currency through to July 31, 2010).   The Quarterly Face to Face requirement has been deleted.

If a member is unable to attend the monthly safety briefing for a given month, consult CAPR 62-1 for acceptable alternatives.  These include:  Attending safety briefings at other units or other safety briefings as listed in CAPR 62-1 and properly documenting as reguired in that regulation; or taking the alternative safety education courses listed under “Online Safety Education” .  (DoD, AOPA ASF, FAA Wings, or other Safety courses)

This section allows members to complete their monthly safety briefings by viewing a powerpoint/quiz provided by NHQ.

It is no longer sufficient to simply review the monthy safety newsletter(s) and sign a certificate. You are expected to take an active part in discussion of the safety issues discussed at a briefing. 

To all Unit Safety Officers:

The position of Safety Officer is NOT just another position that someone is assigned to or volunteers to fill. Personnel assigned to this position are expected to act to protect the safety and resources of the unit.  Your primary duty is to serve as an advisor to the Commander on the safety of the command.  The position of Safety Officer is governed by certain regulations, most importantly CAPR 62-1 and 62-2 and Region, Wing and lower echelon supplements to same. As with any organization or business one should not be assigned to, or accept the duty or position unless he or she is willing to do their best to perform that duty and progress through the Safety Specialty Track in CAPP 217. One of the requirements of most positions in CAP is that the person assigned shall progress through the Professional Development program for that specialty track. In the case of the Safety Officer position, this involves "on line" exams and other tasks that must be accomplished within prescribed periods of time.  To progress through the Professional Development ratings, a Safety Officer is also expected to also progress through training, serving, and ultimately qualify as a trainer for the ES position of Mission Safety Officer.
Safety Officers at any level, including Assistant Safety Officers, shall take the "on -line" Basic Safety course within 90 days of assignment. Now it is simpler and easier to go "on-line" and take the test. Average time to read and take the test is UNDER 30 minutes. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in removal from the position.

We have many Safety Officers who have been assigned in their positions for several years, and have yet to meet the basic requirement, (originally to file for the ECI course, ) All Safety Officers even if you have already completed the requisites for higher Safety specialty raings in the specialty track, must now  take the "On-Line" course and tests commensurate to their ratings. 

A reminder to all:  All  personnel including Cadets, 50 year members, and others, are required to study the courses and take the following exams before  participating in activities, missions and meetings as listed:

 Unit Commanders and Activity Directors will coordinate with the Safety Office to assure applicants meet the requirements below before approving attendance, and/or assignment to Staff positions.

Ground Handling video and test -  ALL Personnel (including cadets) involved in the movement and ground handling of aircraft were required to have viewed the Ground Handling video and take the brief test Annually.  Any new members since that date shall take the course as part of their ES training, The Aircraft ground handling training is required for the following specialties: All CAPF 5 Pilots (includes Tow Pilots, Glider Pilots, Transport Mission Pilots and SAR/DR Mission Pilots), Air Ops Branch Director (AOBD), Operations Section Chief (OSC), Mission Safety Officer (MSO), Incident Commander (IC), Mission Scanner (MS), Mission Observer (MO), ARCHER Operator (ARCHOPR), ARCHER Trac Technician (ARCHTRK), Flight Line Marshaller (FLM) , Flight Line Supervisor (FLS). and all Unit Commanders. If you have not completed this you will not be qualified or allowed to participate in activities for those specialties or duties.

ORM Basic - All personnel (Seniors and Cadets) are required to complete this course and brief exam, before participating in any CAP activities or events.

ORM Intermediate - Any member (Senior or Cadet) working a Staff position at an activity or event, ALL Commanders, and All Washington Wing Staff Members - are required to complete this course and exam.

To accomplish this, Go to e-services. In the left column click on "CAP on-line Courses and exams".  At the next screen,  Under the “Operations” header in the white section, click on “Operational Risk Management Courses and Exams”. Then click on the appropriate exam.  (We recommend that you print a copy of either the power point or pdf  presentation before taking  the exam, to use as reference when taking the exam.  It is “open Book”)  When ready, on the copy of the course, “page down” to the last page and you will see a different colored printed line reading “Complete the xxxxxx  Test”.  Click on this line, then take the test.   Be sure to follow the instructions on the last page of the test to record your results, (review and retake if needed) and to print a copy of your certificate for your records.  Your results should autopost in e-services within 24 hours. 

-revised May 15, 2014

National CAP Safety Website

Monthly Wing Safety Briefings

The Monthly Safety Briefings posted on this site are the briefings that were presented at Wing Headquarters. If you missed the monthly briefing at Wing or your home unit, you may read the briefing for that month to become aware of safety issued discussed at the Monthly Wing Safety Briefing.  However, you must attend a briefing and then discuss with at least 2 or more members for it to qualify for credit.

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Safety Director (SE) - Lt Col George Minnich

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